House District 8
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I grew up in Great Bend, Kansas, a farm town of about 14,000. I graduated from the University of Missouri, Columbia with a B.S. in Forestry in 1990 followed by a law degree from the University of Kansas, in 1993. I took the Wyoming Bar Exam in 1993. For 15 of my 25 years as a lawyer I worked as a public defender. In 2016 the overwhelming caseload caused me to look into my conscience and I opened my own law practice and in 2017 I opened an art gallery in downtown Cheyenne. I have familiarity with cuts in State spending to balance the budget.

I am running for the Wyoming House because it seems like a reasonable place to enter into politics. I am running now because I am embarrassed the discourse in this country. While I am running as a Democrat, I am not beholden to any particular agenda and I hope my positions are consistent with moderate voters.