House District 8
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Here are official statements I have made regarding pressing issues in the State of Wyoming.


Severance taxation has allowed Wyoming to run the government without the pain of additional taxation on everyone. There must be an open, honest and real conversation about how Wyoming moves forward in the presence of unpredictable and declining revenue sources. To fix it, I support Representative Connolly’s approach in the bill she introduced last session. I also support a capital gains tax. I support legalization of marijuana for many reasons including the social injustice of the law as well as the missed revenue. For example, Colorado has raised nearly half a billion dollars by taxing marijuana sales. Part of the problem can be addressed by raising taxes on cigarettes and alcohol. At three cents per gallon of beer our rate remains among the lowest in the nation.



 A lack of transparency allowed the United States to get dragged into the Vietnam war. A government that acts in secrecy is illegitimate and a free press with unfettered access to the government’s decision process is essential to a free society. The press should be free to inform the public of the truth. Government agencies should not withhold or hide public information or be allowed to set up bureaucratic obstacles. 



I would like to address gun violence by mandating the safe storage of firearms and ammunition, I realize this won’t solve all the issues surrounding gun violence. However, Tyler Burns would be alive today with such a law.